Need Alternatives to Google Site Search? Here are the Good Ones

Google has centered itself as the undisputed leader in the online industry and at least some part of our daily online activity is dependent on Google’s services. Over a whopping 100+ web-based and hardware products under it, it is fair to say that Google’s services have taken over our digital lives. Seamless syncing of user data between different products and services, is what makes Google an ever better organizer of data online.

But there are a few trade-off’s to be considered before basing all your online activity on Google’s services.

Why the need for Google Alternatives?

Although Google is the de facto industry standard for web search and is also used as a verb for web search engine, it has got some kinks to it. As Google preaches, ‘Don’t do evil!’, sadly, they do have the presence of a bit of notoriety on the web. Putting all your online activity eggs in a single basket would definitely not recommended and there are a few other key reasons to consider Google Alternatives.

Google has numerous accusations for manipulating search results in their own favor. Yelp even went on to hire Tim Wu, the father of net neutrality to prove that Google’s search results are biased. Also, Google has been displaying a major portion of the search results bombarded with ads of lately. The death of white space and ad-infused Google is not what many online users would wish for.

Apart from all of this, Google also keeps a track of what all their users are searching, to display better ads; or so they say! If you do not want an internet giant to easily renounce your online activity, you might want to take a look at some Google Alternatives, with better privacy assured.

The Best Google Site Search Alternatives

1. Zoomd  

(Free? | http://zoomd.com/) . We tested the demo on a website I own and it seems very promising and easy to setup. It appears to have an ad supported system with revenue sharing, but we’ve ranked it near the bottom due to lack of information.

 2- Algolia

(Free – $899/month | https://www.algolia.com/product) Algolia is a powerful search engine with a number of great options and a robust developer API. It boasts a number of features including typo-tolerance, geo search, synonyms, language-agnostic, filters and facets, advanced language processing, custom ranking, and personalization. Algolia offers a free version that supports up to 10,000 records and 100k ops per month, but it comes branded for Algolia.