Animator vs. Animation IV (authentic)

Help me make more of these! The struggle between a stick figure and its creator, a computer animator. In this fourth …



  2. Я смотрю это много раз

  3. 5:37 it says you like this even though someone is going to unfriend you know…..
    wierdest friends ever

  4. Cool i like this video 🙂

  5. I Remember seeing this when it was kind of new, It's been so long

  6. Many people thinks its real

    Pls its not real its just animated

  7. crazy until I didn't believe I was really creative

  8. I love this animation and it’s mainly the reason I wanna to get into animation but you can see at 2:23the green character comes out of nowhere and he seems to be on oranges side of the screen but then runs in. That’s all that’s wrong with this, everything else is perfect 👌 and I want to meet these characters

  9. The adeptus mechanicus would like to know your location

  10. At 4:37 they were freaking out because they were gonna get deleted

  11. Why is this the best thing I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!😱

  12. du är rolig hahahahahahaha

  13. türk olupda izleyen varmı?

  14. You just earned yourself another subscriber

  15. I don't understand how u are so good at animating

  16. Who else wants to see the animations that the orange stick figure and Alan make together be actual videos to watch?!?

  17. I love the way I understood so much even though there was hardly any conversation

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