Customized URL – Private new Google Websites

Add a custom URL using your own domain to your new Google Sites you have created with a personal Google Account or a GMail account.


  1. I don't have the option "Custom URL" on my Google Site.

  2. help me pls, it says

    "You have to point only ( A-record to WWWizer.

    ( must be pointed to your hosting provider.

    If you already made this change and still see this message wait until your DNS updates."

  3. Worked 100%.. thank you so much

  4. Thanks for this great video!

  5. Sir, I have embedded script URL in site. why is not working in this. showing "refused to connect" and when opening with link it's working . Pls help me…

  6. hello but my site is not opening without typing www

  7. Thanks for this video. Really helpful !

  8. Thank you for the video, all clear and easy to follow.
    The only problem I encounter is when I add the custom URLs (as on 4:55) and I press Assign, I get a message at the bottom which says "the URL assignment has failed. Please try again "
    I keep trying for few days but I get the same message.
    Any ideas?

  9. How long does it take for Google to “set things up on their end”?

  10. I've added https:// and https://www as properties, but when I go to my "Sites" page, and click on the "more" icon, there is no option to add custom URLs.

    Also, at 2:20 you add a DNS CNAME record, where it sounds like you say ghs.googlehosted. but you type ghs.googhosted.

  11. Hi, thanks for your video.
    I want to custum my New Sites site.
    I own my URL.
    I also own a G Suite account.
    My 3 dots menu (showed in your video at min 4:17) have less voices than yours: it hasn't "Custom URLs".

    Can you please help me?
    Thank you in advance,

  12. Yes, I find the video a bit difficult to follow – especially nailing down definitions of terms and consistency with the instructions that google provide, and videos others have made. What would be informative (for me at least), would be a video showing how to add a custom URL to New Google Sites – using Google Domains. I have set one up, but I had to scratch together info, in a haphazard way from various sources. It works, but I still get the feeling (because of lack of concise and good instructions) that I maybe missing something. The google instructions from google were what I relied on mostly – although they seem to lack full definitions, which leaves me with the feeling that I need to do more. The verification process seems to be different when using Google Domains???

  13. Thank you, much appreciated I had been tearing my hair out trying to do this. Take care

  14. I am really struggling with this. I migrated my classic google site to the new google site. I updated my TXT with namecheap but 20 hours later still no google verification of ownership. Any ideas?

  15. My domain name is hosted on GoDaddy so it was already a www domain, when i put the wwwizer it showed my an error.

  16. If I migrate a classic site to the new sites does it retain the custom domain already used?

  17. I followed the steps but it is still acting just like before where my Custom domain gets forwarded to the website. Do we still need g-suite account to display custom URL when I open the site? Also, I use google domains so entire process was straight forward.

  18. easy to follow, worked first time, many thanks

  19. I thought you could do this for free

  20. how much time does it take to be visible once all the steps were completed? thanks

  21. can somebody on the internet make a video that shows how to do this properly im completely lost and all videos are confusing

  22. Thank you so much for this. I got my www working but not the naked domain. What I was missing was the A record to redirect @ to Now it all works, thanks to your vid 🙂

  23. How do i paste the website i made with google sites tho?

  24. i need help plz
    i have google personal account
    and i want to make custem url with godaddy
    i added the PROPERTY here for

    and here is a copy from godaddy dsn page

    Type Name Value TTL Actions
    A @ Parked 600 seconds Edit
    A 600 seconds Edit
    CNAME www @ 1 Hour Edit
    CNAME 1 Hour Edit
    CNAME _domainconnect 1 Hour Edit
    NS @ 1 Hour
    NS @ 1 Hour
    SOA @ Primary nameserver: 1 Hour
    TXT @ google-site-verification=GPiGkpLq_TLqbQDYoT6eOCPL96_QUaP90N7a0n-PGuQ 1 Hour

    but some thing is going not right the in browser go to goddady parked page
    can you help me plz

  25. i got stuck with this part 4:31

    how to remove domain form google classic site?
    i haven't create yet.

    i has been done something wrong before i found this video
    .hope you understand i;m not good in English language.

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