Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence [Official Music Video]

Download or stream the song now: New album ‘Evolution’ out now: Directed by Matt Mahurin …


  1. Ludzie nie bądźmy obojętni ,gdy zło podnosi rękę z nożem na tych najlepszych z Nas . Szanujmy się i wspierajmy .

  2. Planning to make a viral video like this myself. What's the expected income for such a thing?

  3. Nie chcę powtarzać się i piać z zachwytu, bo należy, bo dzieło Grupy, a zwłaszcza sztuka wokalisty, Davida Draimana, zasługuje na uznanie! Znakomite, momentami porażające zmysły, zwłaszcza w chwilach traumatycznych …

  4. always, ALWAYS gives me goosebumps…
    that voice though…

  5. good disturdeb i the sound of silence do like

  6. Looks like David Draiman Disturbed The Sound of Silence

  7. Stunning. The entire thing. David Draiman’s voice is unsurpassed, and that orchestra! Magnificent! You all “moved” people with your version of this Simon and Garfunkel classic. You called them to you, than slapped them across the face, threw them down on the ground then, you helped them up, brushed them off and left them with a weird glimmer of hope. Heads still spinning, they look up, and wonder what just happened. A masterpiece! ❤️

  8. Gears of war 4 trailer was such a good game for this song

  9. Missing u so much my Lil bro

  10. Anyone here from merkmusic's Channel

  11. I don't like covers. Except such cover.

  12. Disturbed needs to do a cover of
    House Of The Rising Sun.
    His voice is perfect for it.

  13. Voz maravilhosa,melhor versão que ouvi.

  14. He is the only one that can scream like a demon and sing like an angel

  15. Tutorial .hold on to memories. 😂💪x💃🎸grazie😍

  16. This song has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The lyrics talk about how technology and media made us shallow and trivial people. Then the internet takes the first line if this song out of the context and turns it into a meme about getting upset over shallow and trivial things. The fact that it refers to god they created called "Neon".

    Its just my opinion. My teacher gave task to make reflection though. Help me!

  17. This should be called the sound of sadness

  18. Cudne ,ale zawsze będzie mi się kojarzyło z zamordowaniem ŚP. P.Adamowiczem.Smutek i żal.

  19. I want this song at my funeral

  20. я одна здесь русская

  21. Rewelacja uwielbiam taki głos 😊

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