Easy methods to Confirm Your Web site on Webmaster instruments Utilizing HTML File Add

Quick and Easy way to Verify Your Website on Google Webmaster Tools using the HTML upload method. Just in 5 Minutes. Here’s the Guide: How to Verify Your …


  1. What happen if you don’t have a cpanel

  2. Thank you!!!! You are an awesome human being!! May God bless you!! This helped me so muchhh. Glad found this video. 😀

  3. i cant see file manager icon or any icon in cpanel can u plz help me

  4. Can't thank you enough for this… Was banging my head over this for hours now! Finally something has worked. The guidance was very precise and simple. Love you..!!!

  5. How i make my Cpanel account?

  6. thank you for good explanation 🙂

  7. I do not see the index.php file please help

  8. Thank you. This was really helpful.

  9. do you have to pay for cpanel?

  10. Excellent video, I just used it and very easy to follow. Thanks so much

  11. Thanks for the great information, & music .

  12. Thank you, very informative. Keep up the good work!

  13. Great video. Thanks a lot. Say, is this the same as Google console submission?

  14. This was very useful. FYI you need to know how to access your hosting to follow the instructions.

  15. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for this it was so helpfull tthanks again.

  16. When Blogger is in the File manager what blogger doesn't show was that you "I think" need to tick the box next to index.php then click upload and go from there. I'm not sure if you even have to tick the box but it made sense to do it.

  17. Fantastic tutorial… People say some heroes don't wear capes but who knows maybe you do.

  18. Thank you so much! I've watched a zillion videos, tried following all the instructions and this worked first time! Absolutely brilliant.

  19. Make for blog html upload

  20. Sab kuch detail sa bataya last m cPanel vala or detail m bataye ya konsi site hh login kaise hui hum karte hh too kuch or hi login hota hh cPanel pa

  21. Bhai ya cPanel ko kaise login kare konsi site hh ya kha sa login kiya ya ho nhi raha hh plz reply

  22. You deserve more subscribers. One of the best and easiest to understand videos on YouTube. Thank you!!

  23. you are the master thank you

  24. Man, I was so frustrated but I found this video. Thanks!

  25. Thank you! It really helped me.

  26. Thank you for your nice video show! I learnt from the show which gives me good knowledge about the C Panel!

  27. finding this hard to follow why not verbal instructions instead of music we are all not Tefal heads

  28. Bro, I would just like to confirm if we have multiple domains on our cPanel, should we upload it to the web root (public_html) or should we upload it to the specific document root (public_html/ Thanks

  29. Awesome video! Very clear and extremely helpful 🙂

  30. Thank-you very much sir for help
    I have successfully done everything thanks again

  31. Thank you Thank you… so good to learn this stuff..!

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  33. You are the best, thank you so much!!!! I had no idea I could use Cpanel for this! Thanks man!!!

  34. You made that so simple, well-done thank you so much!

  35. um I know it's for blogger.. but how do I upload HTML verification file to facebook page? I mean I tried to click that but It open to error page.. help me

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