Find out how to do Extra with Google Websites and use Superior embed options!

Do more with Google Sites and become a power user today! Embed slideshows or carousels, Cards, Foldables, collapsible and many more features today with …


  1. Want to add a Comment section to your Google Sites? Check out my latest video:

  2. Hi, this is very interesting but I miss one feature I liked from the old version of Google sites and that is the indice of a page or, at least, I haven't found it. It looks like the embeded feature is easier because in the old version it is impossible to embed things that are not from Google and see them properly.

  3. This was a wonderful Tutorial. I love the Card Feature. I am not into Coding, so forgive me for asking a question that may be obvious to you. When you copy and paste the embed code for a collapsable effect onto the site. How can you insert pictures and text for the body that goes under each title? I am thinking there is not a way to drag and drop. I would have to know how to insert items into the code for it to show up?

  4. Great example and Is there a way to upload sitemap.xml to new Google sites ?

  5. Great video thanks! Is there a way to embed a code that will automatically scroll down the page to another section? For example on my FAQ page of my website i want to list the questions at the top, and when you click on one, it scrolls to the answer further down the page.

  6. Very nice video. Thanks !.
    This video helps to improve the layout, make the site look good etc. the UI part Thats one aspect of a webapp.
    The other requirement of a webapp is Business logic which usualy involves writing code and that means developers getting involved.. or does it ? The website below demos a way for non developers to add business logic to forms by coding the business logic as Formulas in a Spreadsheet and linking HTML to Spreadsheet.

    See this at :

  7. You are wonderful! Thanks a lot.

  8. Thank you! Very helpful video!

  9. your video is so helpful 👍👌thanks

  10. For the card did you find a GIF or did you code it?

  11. They're has to be an easier way to do this… Is this a free builder? Dragging and dropping seems so much easier with other paid builders.
    Domain names?
    Custom footers?
    I want to use Google for easy integration with other Google products I use, and seemless functionality in the Google ecosystem.

  12. Is there a way to change the background color of the list? It's a white background and my websites background is grey. Is there any where in the code that I can change it to grey?

  13. Hey I have a question. Can I make the Collapsible with Pictures?

  14. That was great! You have a new subscriber. Can you tell me a little more about the cards? I am not sure what they are… Why I'd use them… How to find them or make them… Thank you!

  15. sir where to get that google id thing?

  16. Amazing video, thank you so much!
    Just one question: would it be possible to do something similar to the carousel but with text and hyperlinks over the images? Thank you!

  17. Very good trying out some other css implantations

  18. could be possible to create call button? On google sites

  19. when you add in the link to put a picture for the sideshow (u did 3 pics) can we do more than that and if we can how?

  20. I tried to do the slider thing but my sharing link for my photos from Google Drive does not look like the one you've posted unfortunately 🙁
    It looks like this: there is no id= any more
    However I have worked out that you just need to take the ID which is the bit after file/d/ …. and before the /view?usp=sharing and add it on to the end of the code you put of then it will still work.

  21. awesome. would be great if you show how to make an contact form without google form. with im not a robot widget. that sends to your hotmail email. hope you make more films like this.

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