Find out how to Google with Superior Search Operators (9 Actionable Suggestions)

With over 130 trillion pages in Google’s search index, this tutorial shows you how to use Google advanced search operators like a pro with 9 actionable tips and …


  1. What to type if you're looking for guest-posting opportunity on a specific place? (write for us)
    for example, Hifi in Australia?

  2. great video, how can I narrow a boolean search by location?

  3. good stuff but you talk too fast, hard to follow you

  4. Wow, excellent Insights

  5. Great video. Question how are you able to view more than 300-500 results found in Google search ?

  6. Thank you, Sam. Really useful.

  7. Great video Sam! Thank you for that.

    Quick question if I may. (PS I have watched the video twice and could not find an answer to this question).

    I am trying to set up an alert in Ahrefs that helps me identify mentions of "joint life insurance" (phrase match), as well as mentions of "couple" and "life insurance" in the same article.

    My query string for this was: "joint life insurance" OR "couples" + "life insurance".

    However, this identifies mentions including the character + (all of which are irrelevant).

    I messaged Vlad in Ahrefs support who asked me to try the below query, but he did not seem 100% on whether it would work?

    ("life insurance suicide" OR "does life insurance cover suicide" OR "suicide") + "life insurance"

    Are you able to confirm the right approach please?

    Kind regards


  8. Giving examples of how and when to use these advanced search operators made the video unique and very helpful. Thanks guys…

  9. This Guide is Extremely Well Done and informative.

  10. amazing video! thanks a lot!

  11. I actually found a few indexation issues on my site thanks to this.

  12. Great video. Thanks for sharing. Google Search operators are really helpful

  13. Great stuff as always…. you guys have really done a great job at stepping up the Youtube game. Good jobs guys.

  14. Sam!! Boom what a legend

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