Goo Goo Dolls – “Iris” [Official Music Video]

The new album Boxes featuring the single “So Alive” is available now. Get it here: © 2006 WMG Goo Goo Dolls – “Iris” [Official Video] …


  1. Cherry Reed; at the age of 69, I still find you more beautiful than any woman in her 20s…thank you for everything!

  2. Who else is listening it on 2019 ? just like me ❤ Love for this song ❤

  3. L… sua idiota! chatonilda!

  4. Listening in 2019.. never gets old

  5. I'm here because I searched: "soundtrack when Nicholas Cage was a good actor"

  6. it's a masterpiece!!!!!!!!!song for the ages.

  7. 35 + 20 next year ……………. 8-2-2019

  8. I heard the song and had no idea what it was called so listened and remembered a part of the lyrics and searched it up, doesn’t anyone else does this? 😅

  9. como pode gostava tando desta musica!!!!

  10. I think Leon Kennedy is not feeling today.

  11. I still wonder when there will be more of this kind of music, because I fucking love it. It's calm rock with emotions…

  12. Para você, Laila Cecília 😍

  13. Fevereiro 2019, alguem mais ? <3

  14. when my husband was dying and I still had to work this was our mantra. till I see you again bob

  15. Great song from a great movie

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