Google Webmaster Web site Verification Utilizing HTML File Add Methodology

In this video you will learn how to verify your website ownership using html file upload method . In this video i tell you two method to upload html file to your …


  1. How do you do this in Google Sites?

  2. i love you bro, thanks from venezuela,..and a happy new year… here are 12.30 pm, working to make it..

  3. This worked for me. The key thing was that we need to go in through CPanel and put the file in Public_Html. I tried putting the file just anywhere on the site and it didn't work, until this video told me exactly where it goes.

  4. just upload the file in "public_html" folder and verify ur website / no need to watch all the video !

  5. upload the google html file in "public_html" folder

    thank u man , really helpful video 😉

  6. Thanks, but sound would have made all the difference.

  7. Hello?! Talkie? Wordy words? Human interaction? No?

  8. Thank you soooo much !!!!

  9. Thank you! Super helpful. I had never added a file in C-Panel and this video was easy to follow.

  10. very useful…
    Thanks TecTrick

  11. thankyou, this was very helpful

  12. I'm a visual learner, thank you!!!

  13. Thank you for this. Very helpful!

  14. Do some preparation before bundling your way through this vid

  15. Still confused af. I was with you till you blurred out what you typed in. No idea what do do there

  16. Can this procedure affect the positions of my website in google?

  17. I followed your direction, though no sound. It works. I uploaded using the Cpanel method as you described. Thanks for sharing/

  18. To bad there is no volume to be able to hear what you're saying.

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