Google Websites – Embed Social Media

Make your Google Sites more dynamic with embedding social media. This video will show you how to insert facebook, twitter, and Instagram into your Google …


  1. Always enjoy viewing the pin point tutorials! Thank you so much!

  2. I've been trying to use this tool to embed eBay Partner Network search results on my Google site but have so far only been able to add banners with search results that I am having problems resizing. I would like to embed a customized ebay RSS search result but that doesn't seem to be working. I'm not an expert in any way but am good at following instructions! 😉 If you would be so kind as to ever make a video with tips and tricks on how to seamlessly integrate eBay adds into New Google Sites.. I would be forever grateful! Thank You.

  3. This is awesome info, thanks. Can you please let know how to make blogs on new google sites with enabled comment section on each post. I tried but we cannot it shows complete post without option of "excerpt", like in wordpress

  4. Any idea how to embed the whole instagram feed, not just a picture?

  5. Hello, but how do you add the banner on the use of cookies? There is that new legislation (mandatory in Europe, in other countries I do not know), which if not respected are high fines! Even just to enter the comments box, I saw a message appear by google, which does not take responsibility for the personal input data.

    Obviously, the site I'm trying to build with the new version has not passed W3C validation and CSS style sheets are all wrong. The fact is that I limit myself to using the tools that Google sites makes available to me, but I have no way of knowing if what I'm doing, is correct or wrong, because it does not tell me!

    What's the point of having it for free if I can not do anything?

    Even with Search Console there is no way to pass the verification and it is as if the site did not exist. Do you have any advice for me?

    Thank you for your attention

  6. im soo sad, the twitter and the instagram don't work for me.

  7. Hi Jamie, another great video! Btw.. any light at the end of the tunnel to use eg. on google sites yet?

  8. Can you do these embeds into a WordPress site as well? Any copyright problems with this procedure?

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