Lil Peep – The Brightside

“The Brightside” out now: Listen to COME OVER WHEN YOU’RE SOBER (Pt. 1) here: Shot by Mezzy, …


  1. Peep🌸🐣 come Back please come Back I am Falling apart without you this Breaks me I can't take this is killen everyday I am so Lost I Love you Super Hero please come Back 🌸🐣💯Beamerboy 💜💚💙🐰💯❄

  2. Does anyone else sing the lyrics in your head then all of a sudden you start singing them to your friends but then they're like "what?"

  3. Nobody likes you,
    Nobody thinks you're smart,
    Nobody thinks you're cool,
    Nobody feels for you,
    Nobody wants to be your friend,

    But don't worry. My name is Nobody ♥

  4. Я один плачу когда слушаю эту песню и смотрю этот клип?

  5. Cats : Meow meow

    Dogs : Woof woof

    Retards : 2019? 2019?


  7. Его музыка была очень классной, он классный и без музыки был..
    Мне все его песни нравятся, таких артистов очень мало..
    Он сделал много для музыки
    Его образ, треки, настроения песен..
    Это божественно
    Буду вспоминать его ещё долго!

  8. RiP. Lil peep 52. 🙏😇

  9. Наркотики убивают! Земля тебе пухом Lil Peep!😢😭😢😭😭😢😭😿😿😿

  10. This video was released on my birthday in 2017. Little did I know that I wouldn't have much longer with him..

  11. Do I takes my parents drugs even though shee dead?

  12. Lil peep is like drogs :3 xd

  13. Alot of these vida are dope af

  14. such a sad reality when you just meet up the truest rappers in songs and you realise they died. RiP LIL PEEL & XXTENTACION

  15. 3:23 coldy what r u doing here?

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