Making your area title level to your Google Website

Do you have a domain name (e.g.,, but need to set things up so that people can use it to visit your site? This will help.


  1. How to do this with the new google sites version?

  2. I have made a site in the new google sites that uses the google drive to publish the website, but I had previously purchased a domain and want to the my google website points to http://www.<myowndomain>.com. Could you help me setting up the host to point to correct site.

  3. Can you please tell me if I only need to purchase a domain name at godaddy (for about 10$ a year) to be able to edit the cname thing or also need to book additional webhosting packages?

    I am here in germany and have been with another provider and there I would have had to book additional packages to be able to fill in cname (since it exists only for subdomains…). Please can you tell me quick, I have to decide till in two days due to cancelling of my contract with the provider..

  4. I do not see Web Address when I login to my Google site?

  5. You may first verify your domain on Google Apps.

  6. Even when is out of date, if gives you an idea how needs to be done.  Thank you.!!!

  7. Out of date please update!

  8. Great Tutorial. Thanks Man!

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  10. God Bless you! Computer Goddess wannabes across the world thank you!

  11. Explained well. Thanks!

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