Submitting Sitemap for a Squarespace Web site to Google & Bing | Indexing Squarespace Web site

Get your Squarespace site indexed with Google and Bing. How to submit a Sitemap with Google & BingWebmaster Tools.


  1. Thank you! This was super helpful! Can you explain "Page with redirect" and why those don't get indexed? Thank again for putting this out here! Lacey

  2. Big help with everything squarespace!! Thank you for the videos!!!

  3. Hey, when I submit my sitemap.xml it says 'Pending" how can I fix this?

  4. How do I actually verify it? It seems all the videos skip the stage where you upload the HTML

  5. Does your site have to be finished before? or just more or less done ?

  6. Good info, thanks. I do wonder why he talks in a weird croaking voice though. Why do so many Americans do this? It's really hard to listen to….

  7. One question. How long is the verification process going to take after you submit your sitemaps for both google and bing?

  8. Great video! Thank you.

  9. Thank you! Super helpful!!!

  10. Thanks very much for all this…. I am so glad i have found you today!! Hope i can now start to get some attention on my site at last!! 🙂

  11. How do you get that moving text in the center?

  12. These videos have been helping me get my squarespace websites SEO all set up, thanks for the videos.

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